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Category: Home Recording Resources Gets a Facelift

The Encyclopedia of Home Recording sponsors a microphone placement website called, and it’s just undergone a redesign. Pop on over and check it out. You’ll find the following helpful articles there:


Article: Setting Up a Home Studio

The folks over at Long & McQuade Musical Instruments asked me to write an article for this year’s Gear Guide about how to set up a home recording studio. The guide is now available in their stores, or you can check it out online here:

Gear Guide: Setting Up A Home Studio

Critical Listening Exercise on Shure’s Blog

Shure Microphones’ blog has just re-run a critical listening exercise post that I wrote for AudioTUTS a while back. This is a great exercise to train your ear so you can create better mixes.

It focusses on using the following criteria to evaluate a mix:

    Frequency Range

Check out the post here:


We’re proud to announce the launch of, a website that shares excerpts from the Microphone Placement Guide of the Encyclopedia of Home Recording. It’s a great place to find tips on microphone choice and placement, and it’s totally free! Visit for more information.

Free Track Sheet Download (pdf) For The Home Recording Studio

Whether you’re recording at home or professionally, using a track sheet is a great way to keep track of your sessions and keep them organized. It’s also extremely useful when you want to reproduce a great sound you got on a session. Here’s a free pdf track sheet that you can download and print for your recording sessions:

Free Recording Track Sheet